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Solar Pink & White

A two steps application of a special acrylic process that results in a permanent French or American which is called White and Pink color powders that when finished and buffed will stay shiny for a long time worried free of polish chipping because there is none involved. Should be filled every two weeks.
Full Set $55
Fill Pink $40
Fill Pink & White $50
Special Shapes $5 add

Stiletto, Long Nails, Almond, Tapered


A very common type of artificial nail today. Polish of your choice can be applied at the end of the process together with a UV topcoat to protect the polish. French or American color manicure is extra. Drying time is required. Should be filled every 2 weeks.
Full Set $45
Fill $35
Special Shapes $5 add

Stiletto, Long Nails, Almond, Tapered

Acrylic with Shellac

Full Set $55
Fill $50
Special Shapes $5 add

Stiletto, Long Nails, Almond, Tapered

Polish Change

Nails $15
Toes Nails $20


Classic Manicure $22

A standard manicure treatment. Nails trimmed and shaped; cuticles cared; moisturizing; deep hands massage. Complete with a polish of your choice.

Organic Deluxe Manicure $45

A Classic Manicure care with an exfoliating organic sugar scrub; masque wrap with hot towels; deep mas-sage with organic scented lotion; pampered with paraffin moist treatment

Luxury Deluxe Manicure $55

Complete with the Organic Deluxe Manicure and pampered with the paraffin moist treatment. Plus 5 minutes neck and shoulder massage.



Shellac Manicure $40
Shellac Color Change Nails $25
Shellac Color Change Toes $30
French / American $5 add


SNS Manicure $45
SNS with tips extension $50
SNS Pink & White $55
SNS Ombre $65


#1 - Classic Pedicure $40

Submerge your tired feet into the basin of warm water. Nails trimming and shaped, cuticles care, callous removal. We provide a relaxing massage using today's flavor sugar scrub with fresh orange, lav¬ender massage cream. Complete with the polish of your choice.

#2 - Premium Pedicure $50

More than Classic. Moisture mask wrap with hot Towels, 10 minutes massage scrub, and cream. 2 flavors: Lavender and Green Tea.

#3 - Deluxe Pedicure $55

Pamper your feet all the way with sea salt soak, sugar scrub, fresh orange, mask wrap with hot towels, Paraffin wax, and neck wrap. Followed by 15 minutes massage with scrub, cream, and herbal oil.

#4 - Vegan Pedicure $65

Hot lava stones come with 10 minutes deep massage. Sea salt, sugar scrub, moisture mask, cream, hot towels and paraffin, neck warmer. 2 flavor Lavender and Green Tea.

#5 - Jelly Pedicure $65

The big benefit of a jelly pedicure is that it exfoliated the skin more to open your pores, helps to get rid of toxins in the skin, and the skin softer, targets dead skin cells. Hot jelly water relaxes tense muscles, nerves, and Promotes

#6 - Milk and Honey Pedicure $70

Submerge your sored feet in warm milk and honey foot bath. Our honey Sugar scrub and real honey will slough and buff off the dead skin away. Unveiling new healthy skin. Come with a neck warmer or cooler, paraffin, and 15 minutes hot stones and cream massage.

#7 - Luxury Aroma Pedicure $80

Choose your Vegan Aroma Package: Lavender, Cucumber, or Jasmine. The Luxury Aroma will leave your feet feeling soft and smooth, which is an effect of the safe skincare by the Vegan Voesh product. The Aroma will awaken your senses and allow you to enjoy the refreshing, tingling sensation and relaxation. Come with 15 minutes massage with hot stones and cream massage.

#8 - King or Queen Treatment Pedicure $90

A complete pedicure treatment with Vegan Aroma package: Warm or cool neck wrap and eye pillow will put you into a complete relaxation of mind and body. The luxury aroma will leave your feet feeling soft and smooth. A wonderful effect of the safe skincare by the Vegan Voesh product. The aroma will awaken your senses and allows you to enjoy the refreshing, tingling sensation and relaxation. Come with 25 minutes deep massage with hot lava stones, organic cream, herbal oil. All this wonderful treatment will put a glow on your skin. Finish this pedicure with 10 minutes neck, shoulder massage.

Shellac Gel Polish $15 add

Shellac Gel Polish is the breakthrough UV technology that

Combines the ease of polish with the performance of a gel. Dries instantly and lasts up to 14 days.

Extra Massage $1 / per minute


Eyebrows $12
Upper Lips $8
Chin $12
Side Burns $15
Forehead $15
Ears $15
Whole Face $55
Underarms $15
Full Arms $55
Lower Arms $35
Full Legs $70
Lower Legs $45
Back $45
Chest $35
Stomach $25
Bikini $45
Brazilian $55
Toes $10
Nose $15
Fingers $10
Butts $35
Lower Lips $5
Add On Services

Add On Services

Shellac Gel $15

** Gel with Soak Off  $18

Gel with Soak Off $18
Nail Designs (2 nails) $7 & Up
Nail Designs (set) $25 & Up
Nail Chrome (2 nails) $7 & Up
Nail Chrome (set) $20 & Up
Cat Eyes (2 nails) $5 & Up
Cat Eyes (set) $15 & Up
Nail Repairs $5 ea
Soak Off $10